What is WIFF-TV?

WIFFTV is a new on-demand and live streaming platform showcasing films, television and podcasts made by or about women. We've gathered some of the best content from female producers and filmmakers around the world who have submitted their work to the Women's International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) in Miami and New York, as well as other outstanding content creators.

Why A Network For Women:

We started the Women's International Film & Arts Festival back in 2005 as a way to provide a venue to exhibit films for and about women.  At that time, women only comprised seven percent of filmmakers in the United States and often less than that in countries around the world.  The mission was to create a venue for women to showcase their work,  network, increase the number of women in the industry, and provide a safe place for women to discuss issues that impact us on a global basis.  Through the subject matter of films submitted, we've not only held panels and special events on filmmaking, but we've also addressed issues such as breast cancer, domestic violence, ageism in the workplace, human trafficking, and more.

How Does My Subscription Work:

Once you sign up, you will immediately have access to the entire content on the network.  You can choose a monthly plan or an annual plan where you'll save 20%.  Sign on anytime and watch programs or films that you like knowing that we're adding new content monthly.  You can even give us feedback by rating the films.  We invite your comments, as this gives us feedback on the types of content to include or add to the network.  Of course you can cancel at any time, but we hope you'll stay with us as a way to get amazing content curated especially for women, but also to help us accomplish our mission to support women content creators. 

What about Live Content! 

We'll be providing live webinars and interviews on a monthly basis.  Once you've signed up, you'll be eligible to participate and can ask your questions and get them directly answered live by our panelists which will include filmmakers, actors, industry experts, and more.  Once you sign up, you'll start receiving a monthly newsletter sent to your email including a schedule of live events so you can add them to your calendar.  We'll also send out reminder notices a day before the event to you can be sure not to miss them.   If you'd like to submit an idea, don't hesitate to contact us at info@wifftv.com.

Original Programming Coming Soon!

We're excited to offer original programming.  We're collaborating with a number of filmmakers and while these types of programs take time to develop, we welcome any ideas you may have for programs you'd like to see on the network.